AMZA is the stock music trade name

AMZA is the stock music trade name of a successful music producer

AMZA composer who has, in his career, been signed by a major record label, composed and produced cinematic music for TV and film, written music for hundreds of commercials (including award-winning campaigns) for internationally recognized brands, and had his music performed by major symphony orchestras.

AMZA composes music that is sold through licensed exclusively.

AMZA composes music that is sold through licensed exclusively through for use in YouTube videos, commercials, TV, film, video games, photo slideshows, etc. You will find in his catalog music spanning a wide range of styles and genres. You can listen to music AMZA here

How many tracks AMZA? How many people use it to music? Contact AMZA?

The "portfolio" you will find more than 250+ high quality, epic, cinematic, orchestral NEW music tracks that will fit into any video project! And also be able to see customer testimonials and find out how many people have trusted AMZA. Thank you! You can get an exclusive Free Music File, which you can use absolutely legally.

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Is royalty-free music actually free?

No. Here’s why:


Music from my royalty-free portfolio at AudioJungle has been licensed over 1,000 times for an incredible variety of YouTube videos, TV commercials, films, cinema, TV shows, wedding videos, corporate presentations, photo slideshows and much more.

Looking for an uplifting song with a great beat for your commercial? Looking for an inspirational track full of emotion to help drive your story? How about a sentimental track for the perfect wedding video? Find the perfect music for your next project within my catalog of over 300+ music tracks.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Simple and affordable

    The royalty-free business model seeks to simplify the licensing process by eliminating complex backend royalties and instead charging a clear and simple one-time fee. This payment covers the usage of that music track for the life of that project – with no additional charges.
    The AudioJungle license allows the music to be used in a single project. That means that if you wish to use the same track on another project, you will need to pay another licensing fee. Fortunately, the AudioJungle licensing fees are very affordable.

  • License for YouTube, commercials, TV, etc.

    The music licensed from AudioJungle must be integrated into a larger project. Essentially this means that the music is intended to be a soundtrack for a YouTube video, a TV commercial, a film, etc.

  • Why is that voice saying, “AudioJungle”?

    Oh, yeah…that. That is the AudioJungle watermark that prevents piracy. When a license is purchased, a version without the watermark will be made available to download.


AMZA Video Animation

This playlist contains some animation clips by AMZA. It contains works from different YouTube channels.

Who is AMZA?

AMZA is composer. He`s write music of different genres, but favourite directions are drama soundtracks for trailers, and also inspiring tracks for advertizing and video presentations.

All AMZA music is exclusive. You won’t find in open access on other sites music by AMZA therefore buying AMZA tracks for your videos, you can be sure that music will be original.

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AMZA Music features

Here are the most popular songs by composer AMZA of Sales on AudioJungle Envato Stock Market Place.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to some of your questions.

What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty Free Music is a term that refers to production music that has no additional fees to pay once the music has been licensed. The license fee is paid one time and (depending on the license or company selling it) can be used in a project of yours either a single time or multiple times. Royalty free music licenses and the libraries that provide them are offered on a non-exclusive basis (in other words, they can license the song to you and anyone else on the planet at the same time).

Where applicable Royalty Free License?

Since there are no additional “royalty” payments to pay the licensor after initial licensing, it is therefore classed as “royalty free music”. A “project” can be anything from a YouTube video, to a corporate presentation, to a film and more. Essentially, wherever music can be used to enhance a project, a license can be obtained for it. In a traditional “rights managed” licensing structure, music licenses can be much more complicated and expensive. This is not to say that there is not a place for rights managed licensing however.

What Is AudioJungle?

AudioJungle is the world’s fastest growing marketplace of royalty free music, sound effects and audio content. They license audio content for every kind of project imaginable. AudioJungle has an audio library of around 300,000 items (at the time of writing this at least) including music loops, music packs, source files, and both full length vocal and instrumental tracks. What is really cool about AudioJungle is that it’s not just a marketplace, but a community where composers and buyers come together to form successful long lasting business relationships.

What Is Music Licensing?

In it’s simplest terms, music licensing is paying a fee to the rights holder of a song or work to use it in a project of yours – or perhaps, to use a song in a project you are making for another person or company. A “project” can be anything as small as an online video, or as large as a major motion picture. The bottom line is, regardless of the size of a project, if you want to use someone else’s song in conjunction with a project of yours you are going to either need their permission (or permission from the rights holder if the artist has transfered rights away to a record company / publisher), or more commonly, a license.

After Effects Project which includes music by AMZA

All After Effects Projects are completely in sync! Therefore, buying a video project and track AMZA, you get a complete product! And you do not need to waste your time searching for video and music.

Multipurpose Slideshow

After Effects CS5.5 and above, Color Controls. Easy Customization. Help file included. Full HD 1920×1080, 4 various Durations included...

Inspired Slideshow

No plugins required. Very easy to use – just put your media on placeholders and edit text layers, HD 1080p | 30fps. Well organized & easily customizable template. Modular structure...

Elegant Opener

Here is inspirational and elegant opener for your images or videos. It can be used for any occasion. It is very easy to customize....

Epic Opener

This project for your media content! 13 Media place-holders (Photo or Video). Video tutorial include. No Plug-in used....

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